New Twin Oaks Senior Living Communities COVID Guidelines

Updated: 4/13/2021

We are excited to announce that we have the approval of the state and local health department to allow visitors back into the building with a few guidelines. This may change in the near future, but for now, these are the new guidelines as we open up.

  1. Every visitor MUST enter through the main lobby entrance between the hours of 8 AM – 7 PM. All other entrances are prohibited at this time.
  2. Each visitor MUST check-in at the front desk, sign the visitor log, take their temperature, sanitize their hands and wear a mask at all times.
  3. We ask that only 1-2 people visit their loved one at a time. If there are more than two visitors, we encourage you to visit outside.
  4. When check-in is completed, please go straight to your loved ones apartment. Visits are not allowed in common areas, and visitors are not allowed to eat with the residents in the dining room at this time. We also ask that you don’t converse with other residents during your visit.
  5. Please sign out of the visitor log and exit through the main lobby door between the hours of 8 AM – 7 PM.

Residents MUST sign themselves out and then back in when they return EACH time they leave the building.