What is Assisted Care?
A Residential Care Facility is defined by the Missouri Division of Health and Senior Services as a Facility which provides 24-hour accommodation, board, and care to three or more residents who need or are provided with supervision of diets, assistance in personal care, storage, distribution or administration of medications, supervision of health care under the direction of a licensed physician, and protective oversight, including care during short-term illness or recuperation. Residents who live in a RCF* are required to make a path to safety unassisted. A licensed Nursing Home Administrator is required.

Who is best suited for Residential Care Living?
Residential Care or Assisted Living is appropriate for residents who need assistance with daily activities such as managing their medication, preparing their meals, assisting with hygiene, facilitating transportation and maintaining their homes. It’s also a good option for some residents who are socially isolated or someone with mobility limitations, incontinence or other conditions common in one’s senior years.

How will I pay for Assisted Care?
Residents of our communities pay for services in a variety of ways including private funds, long term care insurance, Veterans’ Aid and Attendance, Medicaid cash grants and the Missouri Personal Care program. Please call us if you have questions about eligibility or if you would like assistance sorting through your personal options.

Is there Medicaid or Medicare Beds for Residential Care or Assisted Care Facilities?
The short answer is no, but Medicaid will partially reimburse room and board expense under the Medicaid Cash Grant Program. Medicaid will also reimburse facilities for assistance of activities of daily living to residents under the personal care program. Medicare does not pay for any room and board expense. Medicare may reimburse for therapies such as physical, occupational, speech etc provided in the Residential or Assisted Care Facility.

Is Assisted Living Services Tax-Deductible?
Residents, family members, and others who pay for an individual’s care in an assisted living community can, in most cases, file the entire monthly cost of assisted living as a tax-deductible medical expense. Such information gives providers another tool regarding the affordability of assisted living when working with seniors and their family members. Under HIPAA, expenses can be tax-deductible if such services are provided pursuant to a plan of care prescribed by a licensed health-care practitioner, and the personal care services are required by a person who:

  • Is unable to perform at least two activities of daily living, or
  • Has severe cognitive impairment and requires supervision to protect self and others from health and safety threats.

Providers cannot provide tax advice; rather, they should advise consumers to consult a personal tax advisor, tax preparer, or the IRS for information specific to their needs.

Details are available in two IRS documents: Tax Topic 502 (Medical and Dental Expenses) and Publication 502 (Medical and Dental Expenses PDF). Go to www.irs.gov

What is the philosophy of Assisted Living and your facility?
The activities of Twin Oaks Estate, Inc are governed by the principles based on the belief that:

  • All human beings were created equal by God and are endowed with a spiritual soul entrusted by that individual to strive for eternal salvation.
  • All human beings have inborn natural rights to equality, fairness, and justice both physically and mentally regardless of race, color, nationality or creed.

There must be a constant vigilance to maintain the highest standards of physical care, self-worth, spiritual growth and human compatibility of all those entrusted to the care of Twin Oaks Estate, Inc.

It is within these boundaries that Twin Oaks Estate incorporates a continual effort to provide a safe, caring and supportive environment to enrich the lives of elderly citizens who no longer are able to maintain a secure life alone. It is our goal to strive for a close parallel to a homelike atmosphere and individual independence so necessary in securing a feeling of self-respect, peace and self worth