In Jesus, Fr. Joe

(Russ asked Fr. Joe for his opinion and he gave it to Russ and then Russ responded to us) Dear Russ, First of all, you have my prayers for your mom. Secondly, as regards Twin Oaks Estate…while I don't know much about the details or  costs, I can speak to the heart that is there. The priests of Assumption say Mass there every month, and, as you know the residents who are able to be transported to Assumption join us here weekly for Mass. The gift that I find in Twin Oaks is their great respect for the dignity for every person and a genuine care for them. I don't know if that answers your questions but I've long loved Mary Ann Huber and Tim and Kathy Blattel (who are the main folks to help run it). They are truly good and holy. God bless you.