Sincerely, Brenda McSherry

My dad has been at Twin Oaks for over three years now. What a blessing this has been for him and for our family. Being there has allowed him to be in the only town that is familiar to him, and more importantly, close to my sisters who can check on him frequently.

Twin Oaks has become Dad’s home, where he feels safe and secure. Since it is not possible for any of us to care for him full time, we are ever thankful that he is so well cared for in your facility. And after looking at other facilities, we all know how blessed we are to have him there.

I know that caring for the elderly is a difficult, challenging job. I admire you and your staff for the excellent job you do in caring for the people entrusted to your care. It is truly a vocation, and a gift that you have been given.

We all felt at Christmas that Dad may not be able to stay at Twin Oaks any longer. Your willingness to give him a chance to stay means so much to us.

I pray that Dad will be able to continue to make Twin Oaks his home for a long time. And I pray for you and your staff that you continue to have perseverance and satisfaction in your chosen wor