Aunt Tannie

Dear Twin Oaks Staff, There are not enough adjectives in the dictionary to express our gratitude for taking such great care of our Karen.  From the very first time I saw Rho Ann talking to Karen and her daughter with such compassion; I knew that she would be coming to a very special place.  I thank you and all of your amazing staff for caring for Karen.  I especially want to thank you for allowing me to sop by so often to bring snacks, etc. Your staff is such a blessing.  I say first hand almost on a daily basis the kindhearted assistance Karen received from all of you. Our family so appreciates the empathizing that all of you gave Karen.  This growing old is not an easy process.  All of you understand and make this time in one’s life not only bearable but actually fun.  The smiles that I encountered by all of your staff, from the cleaning ladies, the cafeteria workers, the maintenance men, the incredible nursing staff made me cry at times when I would get back in my car after visiting Karen.  You all deserve much more money than you make.  I am happy that I was able to do some photography for you to capture those fun, incredible smiles on everyone at your marvelous parties! But it isn’t about that.  All of you are devoted to giving these fortunate people a joyful, faithful life.  You have shown all of my family what true devotion means and all of you do that every day. Gratefully, Aunt Tannie  10/2016